“I hired Mark Cassis [at Excello Machinery Company] to find us  a good laminator at a good price. He didn’t!

Mark found me a GREAT laminator at a GREAT price!

Mark was prompt with a response every time I had a question; he provided all the details of how the transaction would be conducted; and he delivered exactly (more actually) what he promised — on time and exactly within budget.

I appreciated Mark’s level of professionalism and I will call him again with my printing equipment needs. You should too.”

— David Flack

2010 Horizon BQ-470 Four Clamp Automatic Perfect Binder

Serial Number 321007 134,761 total books 4 Clamps Color touch screen display Fully automatic set up Nordsen PUR glue system *New style Nordsen DuraPail Pre-melt Excellent Condition  

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2007 Sakurai 466SD 4 Color Offset Press

  4 Color 20″ x 26″ 70 Million Impressions Remote Color Control Console Continuous Dampening SAS Pre-sets SPC Semi-Auto Plate Auto washers Double Size Cylinders High Pile Delivery Rated up to 16,000 s.p.h.    

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1984 Heidelberg Model GTOZ 36 x 52 cm Two Color Sheetfed Offset Press

  1984 Heidelberg GTO 52 Z Circa 73 million impressions Two Color 15 x 20 inch 36 x 52 cm Alcolor Dampening Royse Recirculator Single Sheet Feeder Powder Spray No Damage Ready to Ship  

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1989 Heidelberg Model GTOVP 36 x 52 cm 4 Color Offset Press with Perfecting

  69 million impressions Alcolor Dampening Royse Sheet Feeder 2/2 Pefercting Powder Spray Under Power USA  

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Clark Aiken Simplex DS 64″ Paper Roll Sheeting Machine

  64″ Width Maximum Length 84″ Minimum Length 24″ Single Pile 25” Cylinder 2 Slitters 1 Roll Stand L.H. Drive 220V 3 Phase 60 Hz Currently In Production View Video    

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1994 Polar Model 115 EMC-Mon 45″ Computerized Paper Cutter

  CRT Display Multiple channel computer program 2 hand safety cut clamp activation Hydraulic cut & clamp Photo safety barrier Cutting line light Air film on main table Standard side tables Serviced and ready to ship  

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1989 Man Roland 600 Series Eight Color 40″ Sheetfed Offset Press

  840 Series 645 8 Printing Units 28 x 40 Inch Format Mabeg Stream Feeder Rolandmatic Dampening Recirculation with Refrigeration Powder Spray Less than 100 million impressions Under Power Can be demonstrated    

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1989 Man Roland Model RZK3B 2 Color 28 x 40″ Offset Press

  28 x 40 Format Rolandmatic Continuous Dampening Recirculation with Refrigeration Mabeg Stream Feeder Oxy-Dry Powder Spray Under Power  

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1997 Horizon Model HT-70 3 Knife Trimmer

Serial Number 04010 1,704,473 cycles Location: Ohio USA 3 Sided book trimming Hydraulically operated Auto in-feed Delivery conveyor Can be used in-line (with conveyor) or off-line Max. untrimmed book 12.99″ x 12.99″ Min. untrimmed book 5.83″ x 4.14″ Max trimmed book 11.81″ x 11.81″ Min. trimmed book 5.60″ x 3.94 Trim thickness 2″  

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1979 Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-ZP Two Color 40″ Offset Press

Heidelberg Model SM-102-ZP Year of manufacture 1979 Prints 2/0 or 1/1 28 x 40″ Format Conventional dampening Powder spray Running in production Location: Michigan USA  View Video

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